Wedding season rings on!

Whether you’re planning a wedding or replanning a wedding that had to be postponed because of lockdown, weddings have changed! 
We know that it can be so hard for all of those people who have had to change their plans so drastically in the last few months, but it’s meant that weddings have become intimate and loving affairs. We also know this has meant that people have had to change their decoration plans! 
Flowers are such an important part of the wedding, they will bring everything together, but you don’t have to have a huge installation or enormous centrepieces to make a statement. 
We were lucky enough to work on a wedding a couple of weeks ago, where the couple had decided to use their parents home as the reception venue, instead of having the large centre pieces they had originally discussed with our team, we picked the flowers that were the bride and grooms’ favourites, and filled small bud vases and dotted these around the house. We created a central point with a side board covered with vases, and then a few more dotted around to tie in the colour scheme. 
It was a gorgeous romantic event, even though it was smaller than what the couple had planned, it was a special moment just for them. 
If you’re planning a wedding or an event in the coming months we’d love to chat with you about your flowers! There are so many ideas and options that we can create and make work for your event.