Flowers for the Future



As a leading international florist, our reputation for creativity, sophistication and displaying integrity allows us to work with iconic brands and luxury clients inside some of the most exclusive venues in the world.

These characteristics of being creative and sophisticated are complimented by our principles of working with integrity, being honest and flexible in our approach and ensuring the safety of all our staff. We relish a challenge, are never compromising and always offer solutions to fit our client’s brief.

We know that flowers are integral to making an event (be it a wedding, party or corporate affair) unique and personal.

Flowers are also grown and harvested internationally, and their continued availability depends on sustainable environments and labour practices free from exploitation. 

Because we are not stuck in our ways and are adaptable, we understand the growing need to be concerned about our impact on the environment and the community in which we work. Maison De Fleurs is committed to driving its sustainability responsibilities and aiming to improve all areas of our organisation.

We actively recycle as much as possible and are looking into the cost of investing in green waste disposal.  Much time and effort has been invested in the social development of all stakeholders and we will continue to do so. Economically we continue to strive for growth in both turnover and profit, and we are investing in new team roles in order to drive this.

We also understand that we need to uphold all legal obligations applicable to our organisation and are committed to ensuring that we are legally compliant.


As a business we are committed to ensuring that over the next 12 months we will:

1.Reduce our environmental impacts by:

a.         Recycling cardboard, paper and glass as much as possible

b.         Investigating options to recycle green waste

c.         Reducing single plastic use of any bottles, cups etc.

d.         Using vehicles that have low emissions as much as possible


2.Improve our social impact by:

a.         Ensuring that our company culture remains inclusive and creative upholding our core principles

b.         Continuing to support Battersea Cats and Dogs home donating flowers to help with fundraising

c.         Buying fair trade and seasonal flowers where available and to suit our client’s specifications

d.         Promoting fair labour practices in our business and taking into consideration whether there is a likelihood of modern slavery in our supply chains

e.         Providing training to our staff on areas where they require further development

f.          Investing in new roles within the business to drive increased growth.


3.Ensure that our economic impact is measured by:

a.         Ensuring that we streamline our business processes to increase sales and cashflow to be more profitable

b.         Ensuring our reputation is protected

c.         Ensuring that we pay our suppliers on time


We will continuously communicate and update this policy to all our staff and ensure that they understand how to help to implement the requirements of the policy. We will publish the policy on our website and invite our stakeholders to comment on it.


The policy will be updated annually.  The policy is approved by the managing director.

Natalia Golubeva

Managing Director


September 6th 2018